Friday, February 15, 2013

Thousands of beautiful thoughts flow down
Sheer ecstasy tickles the nerves
Inexpressible feelings gives me goosebumps
Butterflies in the stomach

Oh!! Gone crazY!?

No, I looked back. I looked back
to remember,
the steam-engine passing the vale
the black drongo mid air aerobatics
the foggy morning
the lush green thicket
the narrow road
narrow enough only for my bicycle
for other creepy flora stretched themselves
on the dewy lane

uf! i wonder

is there anything
beautiful than His creation

Monday, April 30, 2012

Time changes for Good

It has been three years since I visited this blog again. I changed so much with time. But my life turned for good. I realize that satisfaction is most important for happiness. Fortunately I became a teacher, software engineer and now again I'm going to be a student. I met many people. I have been to wonderful places. I had great learning from innumerable experiences. Thanks to all those wonderful people who made my journey of life so  eventful.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my life

hi everyone, let me tell u about my life......
i had my schooling from LKG till std 10 at zinc smelter senior secondary school, a very long term attachment of 12 years. At school i had a brilliant profile with only admiration from the most. Two of my teachers played a major role- Shakuntala mam and Muralidhar sir. These two have shaped my mind set, a zeal for innovation, a notion to excel. Everything went fine till i'm out of school. i was like any other good student have got a lot of expectations on me from my parents and teachers..even my friends expected me to have a brilliant life thereafter.....but the thing is i myself don't know clearly what is life, what r the options available......i mean i never had a clear dream of what i should achieve.....
after that phase my father has sent me to hyderabad for JEE coaching at Special Coaching Centre....a very prestigious institute wid lots of proffesors....genii in their fields....but with a very useless batch of hostlers(our batch)....our director P1 sir never believed in putting pressure on students for the sake of this competitive world....he believed tht cool mind is always ideal for learning..his ideas are worthy....his philosophy, teaching methodologies, his way of life set a marvel example to both students and teachers....he is the best teacher i hv ever seen....but all this works fine for students who had a dream abt their future.....but 'WE' are a bunch of assholes whiling away our valuable time watching movies every nite, playing cards, roaming on streets around the chineese food centres, clothe shoppe and super markets.....we turned out to be most idiotic stuff on earth who r least bothered about our future.......obviously none of us has achieved anything in all those competitive exams.......
"past is past...."so i thought of starting a new life. Now i came back to vizag and joined Long term coaching at Muralidhar academy.... Though i had a zeal, it's only a volatile one.....coz by then i lost the habit of working hard, studying for long hours etc. i tried hard by studying favorite subjects like physics but finally ended with nil knowledge in chemistry.......anyway out of my ignorance my level of preparation was not up to the mark about which i realised after facing the final ones...........finally the day i was to face the screening exam has come and came out attempting only maths and physics.....i made it to screening with 9000 rank but i'm sure i gonn loose in the main.....due to this chem sub i couldn't do well in others either........frm the day the news came about my qualification in screening i worked round the clock frm morn 4 till nite 12 only on chem....the blunder i made--i worked on organic chem.........lost very badly in the main examination.....with 40 in physics and 24 in maths.....i cudn't get the cut off in chem...........the only thing i need to digest is that i lost badly once again.....
at last, after a prolonged study of 3 years, i started my graduation in AVANTHI INSTITUTE OF ENGG AND TECH, a remote college in the rural area of narsipatnam.......a college i never dreamed of......a college with not the least standards of quality education in my previous institutions........
but the best thing i hv in my college is my class........a very strongly united group of 69......our batch excelled in academics, sports, enjoyment....more than any other batch admitted wid has a number of leaders, good team players and guys with guts.......we never had hostile feelings ,back biting etc among ourselves.....everyone are open and every quarrel never lasted for more than a moment........we all were best friends to one another and i'm very proud about it
right now i'm in my 3rd year of graduation.......all these years the only thing i hv been realising that is wen my fenz in gud colleges are making high wid little efforts......we in tis remote college don't even have the opportunity to leap beyond our well.
My future appears field of interest is electronics......but the jobs we hv to choose from are all software jobs.........frankly they only suit us bcoz in all these years of graduation we hvn't had the exposure of latest technological developments in the field, atleast none of us are not even well versed wid the basic electronics tht case wats the point in thinking about tht field.......
Y i wrote all this ?? our principal sir used to tell "Learn from other's experience" tis post is for all those young under graduates to have a vision for urselves and once u miss those golden chances U hv only shattered the bright career wid ur own hands
ending up wid frustration and loss of confidence.

Saturday, November 3, 2007



tis is santosh
here to put up my views,share ideas and thoughts